Saturday, February 27, 2021

I'm a bad person - left them 1 star

 I am 20 miles away. They may fix it in 2 months. Short handed.

Response from the owner 22 hours ago
Oh wow!! I’m the one that spoke to you on the phone and told you we were short staffed due to a NATIONAL PANDEMIC, you are literally going to leave a one star review for being understaffed??? Small businesses have literally closed up due to this and we are trying our hardest to do the best we can. It’s people like you that give a bad name to the human race!!! We are a small family owned business try our damnedest to do everything we can to serve everyone, we also have a training program of 3 months for all new employees if you can’t except the fact that we want to ensure that our employees are certified and trained properly to fix all and any appliances possible then we definitely do not want you as a customer! We take pride in our work and you must take pride in being a keyboard warrior! Shame on you for knocking a business that is short staffed during a NATIONAL PANDEMIC!!! You sir are a real piece of work!!!! My name is Jessica and if you have any more problems with how we run our business then you call me I’ll be glad to tell you what I think about you as a person!!!.

********* "definitely do not want you as a customer!"
Don't worry.