Monday, August 06, 2018

Gordon’s Leap

Photo by: Jack Demaree
Gordon’s Leap in Cliff Hill Cemetery at Versailles gained famous recognition as the spot where a student of the Versailles Medical College jumped over a cliff about 70 feet high and escaped death.
One night after dark two students, Bernard Mullen, and John Glass of Napoleon, and Dr. Jonathan Gordon were exhuming a grave of a patient who had mysteriously died in hopes to perform an autopsy and determine a cause of death. As Glass dug, Gordon and Mullen kept watch. When Glass struck the casket he was warned by the other two of the approaching pursuers. Glass sprung from the grave totally ignorant of his surroundings and ran straight off the cliff. The three escaped town soon thereafter, volunteering for the Mexican War. Gordon later distinguished himself in the Civil War and in later years was recognized as one of the most famous criminal lawyers in the United States. Called Gordon’s Leap, but Glass leapt!

from:batesville herald tribune