Sunday, May 27, 2018

"the greatest spectacle in racing."

In the month of May WIBC had almost continus coverage of this great race, "the Indianapolis 500". I attended the 500 many times starting at the younge age of 14. After I was inducted in the army I listened for all the reports on the radio. My bunk mate and I recorded the starting positions and any gossip we could gather. On the day of the race we both would be glued to the radio.
It was 30 days in May back then. Yes times change as the 500 gets little coverage. Now I do watch the race and after it is over I tune into the Coka-Cola 600 NASCAR race, both live on TV.
I will never forget these two great voices on WIBC radio.

I suppose I'm telling my age, but I remember quite well listing on 1070 WIBC on the AM radio dial to both of these famous announcers.

Sid Collins

Paul Page

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