Saturday, December 23, 2017

From the digital forum

I have learned much in the past few days from this list. Most guys are running as much as 1.5 Kw.
I have been in the minority by using 25 watts or less. But now I will join with the rest and when
your whole waterfall now turns red, Yep it will be me with the big broad over modulated signal.
I have worked the world on 30 meters with 100 Mw - I just don't understand how I did it with less
than a KW.
The new way to get QSOs is find a weak signal on the waterfall then turn on your amp and call
on top of the weak station. I know this works as it has happened to me over and over time after
time when running 25 watts or less.

At the beginning JT-65, JT9, & FT8 was pushed as a low power mode. I ran 5 watts with a Yaesu
FT-817 and worked WAC with in days. Now FT8 has taken over but now it takes, at the very least,
100 watts according to you guys. Now you need more power to run over the QRP, attic and poor
antenna stations. What has Amateur Radio come to, I think it is a shame.

I think it legal to run FT8 where ever digital mode is permitted, and while your at it turn on the amp.
And don't forget on 60 meters run over the 100 watt power permitted to work that state side station.
Jack Demaree