Thursday, July 06, 2017

Christmas Island

As a Ham Radio Operator I have in the past talked to other Hams on Christmas Island. (VK9X) Not knowing very many facts about Christmas Is., Yesterday I spoke with Doctor Alcorn who has visited there. He enlightened me on the many things he enjoyed while there. He is a fisherman and landed many woppers as he called them. He also spoke of the birds the Island is noted for. Now I know just a little more, So next time I communicate with a Ham on Christmas Is. I can know a little more about his location. When I returned home I searched on the net for more information and found an informative page, The link (URL) is posted lower.  

Christmas Island is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, lying south of Java, Indonesia. A national park covers most of the 135-sq-km island, offering rainforest hikes to wetlands and waterfalls like Hugh's Dale. Native wildlife includes nesting seabirds and the red crab, a land species known for its late-fall migration to the sea. The island is ringed with snorkelling and diving reefs.

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