Thursday, February 09, 2017

PCMatic TV commercials

It looks like PCMadic is a God sent for anything that could go ever wrong with your computer, Don't believe it. Before you plunk down your hard earned cash please read the reviews. Bring up Google then type "pcmatic review". Don't read the ones that are posted on the Pcmatic site. After you read a few reviews make up your mind where you want it or not. I think you won't, but thats up to you.

I have had a few people ask "What virus program do you use"? I always give a little chuckle because I don't run any at all. I have not had a virus in years. I do get a piece of malware from time to time though. I would download Avast Free, It seems like a good one and the price is right. Still after using any virus software just watch what you click on and don't fall for those warning pop-ups. Hit the  X to close it and if it still will not close the pop-up turn the computer off and re-boot.... Good luck in the contest.