Sunday, July 24, 2016

Icom IC-7300

Icom IC-7300 Scope screen
I have had a very painful shoulder for about two weeks but it is getting better. This has been a bummer as I have a new Ham radio transceiver and have not been able to turn the knobs. Today I  was able to put it to use in the JT65 digital mode. I can just click the computer screen then set back for a minute or two. I made a contact in North Carolina with 20 watts, then I turned down the power output to two watts, called CQ and a fellow from Ill. answered me with a very good report. I called again and then a QSO developed from Mo. The Icom IC-7300 digs out the signals slightly better than the Kenwood TS-590 that was used before. It always  amazes me just how far such little RF power output can go. Well I called it quits for awhile, I may try it again this afternoon on 20 meters for some European contacts.
Thanks to all readers for your concern. I'm getting better, it is just going to take a few more days..... Jack