Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Bill did it to me

I'm old school because I have a couple of computers still running Windows XP, the rest, All but one, run Windows 7 OS. One I updated to Windows 10. I received a piece of hardware that stated it would not run on XP so I removed the XP computer and put the Windows 10 in its place. I hooked up hardware from the old to the new Windows 10 machine. I use it to interact with my Ham radio station. Ooops none of the hardware that worked perfect on XP malfunctions on 10. I spent two hours reloading drivers and checking / un-checking boxes trying to get things to work but no luck. I then put the hardware over on a Windows 7 computer and it worked perfect. Not to give up I tried another piece of hardware, The same outcome. I will run the new hardware across the room on a 7 machine. Its all I can do. Bill has did it to me good this time. After a few bad words I put everything back like it was. If you have older software or external hardware that you really like and it runs fine on XP or 7, beware of Windows 10. Don't let Bill get you like he did me. ........ Jack