Friday, December 04, 2015

J6/wb9otx DXpedition Dec 6th - 14th

The "Buddies in the Caribbean" DXpedition group which specializes in 100 watt or less low power radios and the Buddipole portable antenna systems is back again to St Lucia (J6) on December 6-14 2015.  Ops demonstrate "ultralite" DXpeditioning from magnificent "vista" locations, operating field portable battery-only radios with backpackable, lightweight antennas and most of all "having fun" with a new group of operators, some of whom have never experienced the "other side of a pileup!"  There will be three stations operating from Chateau Devaux, a villa on the northern-most cliff on St. Lucia.  We invite any Caribbean hams to stop by the villa.  Local ops show up to share the hobby, and that's one of the main reasons for our many visits to the Island.  The eight operators are: J6/W2LNX, J6/W7DGP, J6/N8WD, J6/WB9OTX, J6/K4ZGB, J68RL (AA4W), J68HF W6HFP) and J68FF (W3FF).  QSLs and LOTW are up to each op.  Check QRZ for that