Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The building of a 40 meter phased array @ WB9OTX

It has been a much larger and much more time consuming than I had thought and did I mention more expensive. What Ham Radio operators will do for only 3 db of antenna gain. Keep checking as time passes. Many more photos will be added. ..... Jack WB9OTX
 *** click the photo to see the progress.

Finished enough today to tune and test. It is working as it should and is better than I thought it would be. I really like the way I can null out the powerline noise coming from the West when I have it aimed North East. The SWR is very low (1.15:1) where I have it tuned (7.100) but it is usable even at 7.299 with an SWR of 1.61:1
On the air 2 days later.

The bands have been very poor sense I have had it operational but I still have worked a few Europeans and some from South America. I did manage to work a VK (Australia) and tons of stateside, both East and West coast stations on JT65. I usually get lower signal reports than I give out but I have been running only 5 watts. I'll hook up the TS-590 and run the power up a little. I have not tried any SSB QSOs as yet but that will come soon when the band improves.

The replacement of the old three inch diameter 30 ft. tall irrigation tubing (SW antenna) has began. It was un-tunable and the radial (60) wires needed re-worked. The new one has all stainless hardware and should last longer than I. This one has a tilt over mount so it is much easer to install the 34 foot aluminum vertical element. Most of the radial wires must be lengthened about 6 inches to attach to the new grounding plate. This involves alot of soldering. The temperature has been over 90 degrees each day so I have only been working on it a few hours in the cooler morning hours. Stay tuned .... Jack

The Nightmare is over

Today I connected all 120 radials to the grounding plate.  adjusted the element on antenna 2 to match the antenna 1. Because of a almost nothing bend in the 2nd to bottom pipe I had to cut off about 2.5 foot, but that was OK as it was too long anyway. The reading came to 36 Ohm and the SWR read 1.3.5:1 almost perfect. At the transmitter 90 feet away the SWR reads about 1.03:1 why ? I don't know as it should read the same as at the antenna. Both antennas with a tee connector reads 46 ohms and this is what it should be (perfect). On the air testing shows when looking NE S-0.5, when looking SW S-6 from the power line noise. In the non-directional position it reads about S-5. It is 4PM and not much is happening on 40 meters so the final test will come tonight. I am looking at Europe at about 9PM and in the morning at 6 or 7AM Australia or New Zealand. The gain of the system is only 3DB, so you can't expect too much but at 3DB gain you can expect doubling your power (100 = 200).

This has been a very fun and educational project with lots of book reading and work putting it together. It was much more costly than I had thought but it will out live me and that's for sure. Isn't Ham Radio fun??? ... Jack WB9OTX


But dose it work ?
Tonight in just about 2 hrs I worked these DX stations:
And a ton of state side stations, I was running from 5 to 20 watts with JT65 & JT9 for these contacts. Yep its working .... Jack WB9OTX