Friday, June 26, 2015

All good things must come to an end

This is a post that was entered in 2008. It looked as though Ham Radio was going to be fun again. As of 2015 things have returned to the past. There is little change, the faces are different but the actions of just a very few have destroyed the hobby here in Ripley County.

I just want to say thank you publicly to the Ripley County Amateur Radio Club (RCARC). This is a newly organized Ham Radio club and unlike the other Ripley County Ham club, this one is open to all people that are interested in the hobby of radio. All meetings are open to all, there will be no secret meetings and you can read the meeting minutes online. The RCARC has a working repeater station on 441.775 MHZ that all licensed Hams are welcome and encouraged to use. You do not have to join this new club to use their repeater station, but if you decide to, it will not drain your bank account. The membership is only $12 per year total. They are already planning upcoming events such as Commo for the Red Cross, VE Testing, Field Day, Swap fest, breakfasts, and much more. Read more about this new organization at:
I'm sure the RCARC will make Ham Radio fun again for the many shunned Hams in the past. (and I'm one of the shunned) Thanks again RCARC, all the best.