Monday, October 03, 2011

First Frost

October second brought the first frost of this Fall. A Ham Radio friend and I left for a radio swap fest at 6am to Bedford Indiana, there was fog in the valleys and near the creeks and streams on our way. I have been attending this swap fest for about 30 years and it has always been very well attended. Last year the crowd was lower, but this year I was amazed, the attendance was about one forth compared to last year. I made the comment to my friend,"there isan't enough people here to start a good fight". Some blame it on eBay, others say it is the economy. I think it is all of the above but the new and young just don't do Ham Fests. The new Hams do not communicate like the ol' timmers did. Seems they don't make friends and do not talk or attend anything like the old guys did. "Things Change" I guess. I will have to mow the yard one more time it looks like. In past years the last grass cutting was the end of September or the week before Pumpkin Show. With Fall arriving the leaves will be changing into beautiful colors. I'll be breaking out the camera and posting a few pictures on the Web soon. It is to warm into the seventies later in the week, this will let me do the things to preparer for the on-coming cold and snow. I don't mind the Winter too much, it is just the fact you must endure living in Indiana. I don't think I would want to live anywhere else. ........ Jack