Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Voice of America (VOA) first transmits 1942

Listing to the VOA started with an old upright console radio that received the short wave bands. I was a boy of 10 years and the year was 1955. The VOA was one of the easiest to hear with Radio Moscow as a close second. I also listened to many other countries, Radio South Africa, Radio Netherlands, BBC, and many others. Later in years I was invited to tour one of the VOA transmitters located just to the North of Cincinnati, Ohio. What a wonderful sight to see the large antennas and water cooled vacuum tubes that stood larger than I. With the cutback of funds this transmitter is now closed. The VOA was surely one of the reasons I obtained my Amateur Radio (Ham) license (WB9OTX) some 43 years ago.LinkRead more about the VOA from their Web Page.
Have a short wave (world band) radio? Tune in now.
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