Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine ice storm 5th day

This is the 5th day of the great Valentine ice storm. Still many homes are without electric power. There still remains a snow cover with a thick cover of ice then another 3 inches of fine snow. The ice covered snow allows you to walk on top without touching the grown. Today, possibly the temperature will climb to just above freezing melting some of the ice from wires and tree limbs. Iice covered limbs broken by their weight cover the yards and streets. TV antennas are bent double from the weight also. My Ham Radio antennas are down also. Many homes have frozen and damaged plumbing to repair when the temperatures rise. As near as I can tell people are coping with this freak of nature very well. The last disaster of this magnitude was the great blizzard of 77, when sub-zero temperatures, high winds, and deep snow plegged this area of Indiana. Home owners did not learn too well, Neither did the emergency services, as I see the same fixiable things that went unfixed. Lets hope the next weather dilemma be it earthquake, blizzard, ice storm, or the dreaded tornatos, all will be better prepaired in the future. Lets work on it !

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