Saturday, December 16, 2006

Switch Off

I just watched a TV show called the "Myth Busters". I was interested in an experiment they were testing because I was told by a store owner that the cost of electricity would be lower if you leave your lights on all the time, even when you do not need them. Common sense told me this was not true. But after seeing the tests performed I know I was correct. The worst case was a florescent tube fixture. They found if you leave the room for over 30 seconds and turn off the switch, then return flipping the switch on again you will save money. So turn off the lights when you do not need them. I have been asked several times, should I turn my computer off or leave it on all the time? My common sense tells me again to turn it off. Besides saving electricity it cleans out the RAM and you start fresh. Most computer problems will be fixed with a re-boot (restart). I do not have the facts or have not performed any tests to back this statement up, but I can tell you I turn my computer off along with the monitor when not in use.

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