Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pumpkin Show "You had to be there"

"You had to be there" is an old saying that is very true. If not from Versailles, Indiana you just can't know the excitement that comes from "The Pumpkin Show". It comes the last of September each year. It is usually cool or some say brisk, just before the leaves turn and first frost comes. It is a time to meet school mates and friends, Some call it a home coming. You can see people that live far and away that travel just once or every year home to their roots of Versailles. Our little town has a small population of less than 1,500, It has only one stoplight, but once a year it swells to overwhelming proportions. Friday night at the Versailles Legion Post is where you go to see old friends, Saturday morning is the parade. Anything goes here, You can dress up, ride a float, march with the Veterans, advertise your business, campaign for office, or whatever. I almost forgot, there is the big pumpkin contest along with other produce and cooking events. I suppose if you are from a big city this may seem kind of corny to you, but "you just have to be there" one time and yes, you are hooked from now on. Come and see for yourself.
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